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Online Comprehensive Report – Customers can view their inspection report online.

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Home Inspection

William has over 30 years of experience in construction and building inspection. His vast experience and attention to detail lead him to find problems that other inspectors miss. William will inspect your property from top to bottom and provide you with a comprehensive, online report that you can easily share with your Realtor®, mortgage broker or other interested parties. With William Key, you will be empowered to make a fully
educated decision before you buy your next property.

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Mobile Home Inspection & Certification

Unlike most inspectors, William Key is able to provide a full
inspection and certification for mobile homes.
William can also provide mobile home roof certification and tie-down
certification that are frequently required by insurance companies.


William performed mobile home inspection during his career as a county building inspector. In addition to roof certification, he is licensed to verify the pier spacing and strapping in accordance with State Statute 320.8325 or DMV 15C-1.0104.

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4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is often required for homes over a certain age when obtaining a new homeowner’s insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. Most insurance companies require 4 Point Inspections to be conducted by a qualified professional.


A “4 Point Inspection” focuses on four main areas of interest in a home:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical wiring and panels
  • Plumbing connections and fixtures
  • Roof


Our report is prepared and sent to your insurance agent the same day of the inspection.

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Wind Mitigation
Save Money on Property Insurance!

Florida Statute 626.0629 requires insurance companies to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials.” Whether your property is residential, commercial or multi-family, obtaining a wind mitigation inspection by a certified wind inspector may reduce your wind insurance premiums and SAVE MONEY for the existing protection already incorporated in your home.


House Bill 1495 only allows certain individuals to sign Wind
Mitigation 1802 Forms. William is licensed and authorized to perform these inspections.
William has successfully conducted thousands of Wind Mitigation Inspections. He is also qualified to perform Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and commercial inspections.

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Roof Inspection and Certification

Your insurance company may only require a roof inspection rather than a full inspection. Most companies prefer that the inspection is performed by a licensed building inspector or a general contractor.


A thorough roof inspection and a properly prepared report can make a difference in securing coverage.


Re-inspection fees apply.

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